Originally from the Greater Boston area, I recently graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in Sport Law & Business. As an aspiring sport business professional, I am looking to utilize this website as a tool to help me break into the industry.

I plan to use this medium as a way to showcase my passion for sports marketing, sponsorship and branding. Blogging, projects, and eventually even my own podcast are the methods I intend to use to highlight these interests.

My goal for this website is initially to help assist me in my professional growth. I hope to use this website as a way to improve my skills and knowledge in a broad range of topics not limited to just sports. Website building, blogging, podcasting, and photoshop are all tools that I am eager to sharpen.


Reforming The NBA Draft The Right Way: A Solution To Tanking And League Parity

On September 28th, the NBA’s Board of Directors will meet with Commissioner Adam Silver to discuss a proposed plan on reforming the NBA Draft Lottery system. The issue that the league is hoping to solve with any type of reformation of the Lottery, is the practice of tanking. The league believes that the idea of …

MLBPA’s Licensing Agreement with Jump Ramp Games’ Lucktastic App Could Give Baseball the Exposure it Needs

On Tuesday, the Major League Baseball Players Association announced a deal with Jump Ramp Games’ Lucktastic App that will give fans the chance to win authentic memorabilia. Lucktastic can be described as a virtual online scratch ticket that rewards users with promotions and rewards. The deal will give fans the ability to win personalized memorabilia …

The Branding Implications Behind the NHL’s Decision to Pull Out of the 2018 Olympics

On Monday afternoon, the NHL finally made the announcement hockey fans everywhere were anxious for. It was not however the result they wanted. The league finally took a hard stance against allowing their players to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea. The main issue the league has is that …


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